3 Reasons To Install Keyless Garage Door Openers

3 Reasons To Install Keyless Garage Door Openers

One of the great benefits of owning a home with a garage door is that an owner doesn’t need to worry about the parking space and other issues. Moreover, the risks of getting a car damage, theft or any other nuisance activity can also be avoided. Modern insulated garages are not used to park a car, but can also be utilized for other tasks such as storage space, activity area or a work place.

A homeowner can enjoy the benefits of owning a garage, only if the overhead door installation on it is completely secured. Since an automatic garage door provides access to a car and home, its important to ensure its safety and ease of use. A great option is installing a keyless garage door opener which utilizes a keypad lock to perform the opening and closing mechanisms.

Some benefits of using keyless door openers are:

  1. Easy modification of codes

    With keyless openers, a homeowner can change the lock security codes whenever he suspect a security threat. This means one doesn’t need to go through a long and costly procedure of calling locksmiths for key duplication and lock replacement.

    If you are having a garage door opener keypad, the lock codes can be changed anytime. Reprogram the lock memory and enter the new authorization code that will now allow the intruders to get an access into the garage.

  2. No use of keys or remote

    In many garage lockouts, the reason is the damaged keys or a faulty remote. In contrast, with a keyless garage door opener system, one need not have to worry about the lost keys or faulty remote. This means by pressing the code against the lock keypad, the automatic garage door will open up itself. As long as you remember the access code, parking a vehicle safely is not a problem.

  3. Temporary codes

    Another worthy feature offered by an overhead door is that it comes with a temporary code option that allows your friends, relatives and other family members to access a garage in your absence. By setting your keypad lock at a temporary code setting for a specific time limit, you can allow other to operate the door.

These are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by installing keyless door openers on the garage door installation. If you are looking to secure your residential or commercial overhead door, our technicians at Brampton Garage Doors are here to help you.