Top Reasons Why Your Overhead Door Won’t Open

Top Reasons Why Your Overhead Door Won’t Open
A garage door is one of the most operated element of a home that is designed to withstand for years. With prolonged usage, the hardware components of an overhead door are prone to become faulty that results in awkward noises or a stuck door. Since a garage door installation protects a vehicle from harsh weather conditions and intruders, its advised to maintain them regularly to ensure a smooth operation.

There are many reasons that compel a residential garage door to become stuck. Some of them are explained below:

  1. Broken extension springs

    No matter, what door style or category you have installed in your home, it is likely to have springs. The component that allows a garage door to move is torsion and extension springs. Since springs work under a lot of stress and carries the entire door weight, there are chances that they may wear or damage frequently. A broken spring doesn’t allow a door to operate. To prevent this issue, inspect and replace the springs if they are worn or cracked.

  2. Misaligned safety sensors

    The safety sensor mechanism offered by automatic overhead doors is meant to stop and reverse the door operation automatically, in case a stimulus interrupts its path. These safety sensors are installed on either corners of the garage opening and emits a beam of light. Most possibly, they may get misaligned even with a minor touch or force. This can result in stuck garage door. If you notice that the safety sensors are misaligned, call in technicians for inspection and repair.

  3. Broken cables

    Cables are an essential component of a garage door that are designed to allow the door movement. Due to lack of maintenance or reckless use, these cables are prone to become frayed or weak. Broken cables can limit the door movement, thereby compelling it to become stuck. Since cables control the motion and tension of a door, its advised to get them replaced by an expert garage door installer.

These are the few things that are responsible for a faulty overhead door. If your garage door isn’t opening up at all, call in our Brampton garage door experts for inspection and repair service.