Some Frequently Asked Question About Garage Doors

Some FAQ About Garage Doors

There goes a lot in the making and working of a garage door. Most of the people have no idea about the working of the garage door or its maintenance.

Your garage door holds an important value in your house and you should be having all the knowledge regarding it. One should be well aware of the garage door functioning and what all should be done in order to avoid any damage.

There can be a lot of confusions in your mind, which may result in making you inefficient for your garage door maintenance. Here are some FAQ’s to clear your doubts.

FAQ’s about garage door and its maintenance:-

  1. How do I benefit from custom garage doors?

    A customized garage door can get all you want in your garage door. From windows to the wooden material, hardware choices, sound proofing and as many features as you like.

  2. How long does a garage door last?

    An ideal garage door lasts more than 20 years and one should be ready for a new one after that. Also, do keep in mind that these 20 years will only be achieved, if you regularly maintain your garage door.

  3. Should I upgrade my garage door?

    With the passing of time, new and advanced technology keeps on coming in. It not only offers more features but have a very good security system too. They even have a long life expectancy than the older models.

  4. Why a garage door opener stops working?

    There can be a number of reasons for it but first of all check the batteries of the remote. If they are OK, check the sensors beneath the door as a mis-alignment in these can stop the opener from working.

  5. Can I repair a damaged spring myself?

    A damaged spring is the reason why your garage door faces problems in opening or closing. Spring carries a lot of tension and attempting to repair one is asking for trouble. It requires a lot of experience to do so.

  6. Why does my garage door gets stuck?

    There can be a number of reasons for it. Check for the metal rollers, in case they need lubricating or the tracks might be affected by a mis-alignment.

    Check out the sensors also and see if they are working fine, by looking at their alignments.

  7. Can I install a new garaged door myself?

    Installing a garage door is not recommended at all. This requires a lot of perfection and perfection comes with experience. Leave it to the professionals as you may not install it properly, invited any unwanted trouble.

The above FAQ’s will surely help you in clearing all the doubts, you might be having. Still want to ask something? Feel free to ask our professionals.